Web Design & Build

Website Design / Redesign

Our award winning design team have the experience, knowledge and freshness that has given us national recognition for our sites. The ability to translate a brand proposition and experience across digital communications – we call it brand fluency.

Building the Relationship with Your Users by Understanding Their Needs

Affinity undertakes human factors task analysis that guides our Information Architects and designers. Understanding audiences through psychographic, demographic and behavioural lenses ensures we account for varying user contingencies ensuring appeal and ease of use in our designs.

Information Architecture

Affinity’s Information Architects use the results from in-depth analysis before we commence any project. Utilising tools including  site maps, workflows, prototypes and digital mock-ups we create a project’s information architecture and user interface with the knowledge and understanding of how the cognitive needs of the user impact the total experience.

Interface Development

With the information architecture understood, Affinity’s design team turns to creating the user interface. We are experts in developing and designing User Interfaces that empower and inspire the customer to complete tasks effortlessly and quickly. Intuitively designed applications enlighten and educate users.

Brand Integration – Build Brand Equity Online

Whether we are designing for an existing brand steeped in heritage or tasked with creating and designing a new one, Affinity excels as a ‘steward of the brand’. Our experience and pre-project research helps us centre on what kind of visual branding strategy is desirable for the audiences who will be interacting with your site or product.

Our designs appeal to many different users across a variety of industries. This unifying quality in our work results in greater product utilisation, longer design lifetimes and better ROI for our clients.

Clients see in real-time project status and deliverable schedules. By applying as much thought to process as we do to design, we ensure exceptional engagements with our clients.

Affinity have also worked with numerous clients to help create their branding and to build a web solution around this.

We have enjoyed great success working with both established and new companies and can offer a comprehensive, cost-effective and unique design package to ensure online profitability.

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